Writing was always my passion

December 13, 2018

As you can see,
yes I've changed my blog layout after about 4 years using the same template. Previous one stayed the longest, usually I'll change my blog template every 1-2 years. Still haven't giving up on blogging JUST YET. Blogging is always a part of me. Writing was always my passion. My earliest passion.

Then comes Dancing.
Comes Traveling.
Now, comes Skincare-ing.

People come and go. But all my passions stays with me. I still love writing but now I write more on Facebook and ig stories, and whatsapp status ON DAILY BASIS haha. I still so much in love with dancing but I can't do that very often now. I still love traveling. In fact, all those times I was in my blogging hiatus, I was busy exploring countries - be it with my friends, my sister, or alone. I tried mending my broken heart through traveling but.. well.. And now I'm married (again), my priorities changed. I still do travel once a year - this time with my husband, but since we have a lot of target to achieve, travel abroad on annual basis is not that bad after all. Okeylah tu dapat travel setahun sekali. Sepanjang tahun selain tu, susah nak berjalan kalau bukan hal kerja.

Since end of November, I actually thought about a lot of things. December is my birthday month, and it means, 2019 is just around the corner. I should make a lot of self reflection, shouldn't I? Suddenly I got a bit occupied with work and real life that I barely have time to update my social medias. I masuk hutan ikut husband dan family for 2 days and 1 night, and APARENTLY now I realize, I didn't need all those social medias. I really didn't have to update mself to 5000 people who actually don't care at all!

That's when I thought, I could just go back to writing blog. Where no one is ever going to judge BEFORE I finish whatever I wanted to say. Where no one will judge BEFORE they finish reading. Where everyone here will always listen/read to what I have to say. Where, no one is actually gonna read anyway. HAHA. And blablerghthfgphkr every other reason I tengah malas explain sebenarnya ni but I guess you got what I mean heheheh.

Sorry macam biasa my posts tak pernah nak ada point sangat HAHAHA!

I actually nak start puasa esok. It's 12AM and I rasa dah mengantuk ni.
See you again. :)

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