A stranger in me.

June 15, 2016

Reading random old posts from 2009 from my blog www.sophiesm.com, wow I lost too many people in my life. I lost many things. I forgot everything about me. Who I am, what I like. What makes me truly happy, what I loath most. How I see life. How I see myself. I feel like these 3 years back I had my mind completely shutdown. Blanked.

No one will ever imagine what I've gone through. Banyak orang share dan viral tragedi yang terjadi pada orang lain dekat Facebook. This and that, here and there. They will never expect that had happen to me too.

Guess why would I tell you my mind blanked over these few years? Sometimes I think, was it me? Was it actually, really because of me?

I am damaged.
Damn damaged.

Well I don't have much choice. Broken I am. Messy I am. Lost I am. I feel a stranger in my own body? Yes, but. What the hell. I gotta love the stranger in me. Because if I don't, who will?

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