May 28, 2016

I accidently signed up plan Celcom Internet Burung Hantu 10GB RM5 sahaja. Mobile internet habis quota sebab dah hampir tamat tempoh sebulan dan banyak spend time dekat luar these 1 month. Kalau di rumah, guna wifi saja. So habislah quota tersebut sebelum waktu. Dan malam ni tidur lewat, 2AM selesai tolong mak di dapur untuk catering majlis esok (yes i'm in ranau now). So naik bilik tu try register (first time nampak dalam menu celcom). Tengok 10GB RM5 only 1AM-7AM, terus excited thinking eh murahnya, but I wasn't aware yang itu untuk 1 malam sahaja. LOL sadis. April fool dah lama berlalu. So untuk tidak menghampakan RM5 tersebut maka, alang-alang tidur lewat malam ni apa kata hari cuti yang indah ni jam 7AM baru tidur?

Okey cukop macam iklan XPAX pulak.

So here I am.

Sudah lama mau try juga sebenarnya blogging through phone. Not sure how this would turn out sebab saya ada sikit annoyed kalau outcome post alignment pergi ke kiri or ke kanan. Font random segala. Laptop masih di hospital, oh sedih. Tapi terfikir ia sudah 8 tahun berkhidmat, oh.. :')

How are you blog? How are you my dear friends? Do you still blog? I didn't blog often now, because if I write, I'd write about sad things. Who would want to know that? Who would want to read such things? No one. T_________T. Yes this keeps on bugging me. Whenever I started writing, I'll always begin with asking myself this. Where do I begin. YES. Where do I begin? Is it my fault that I skipped writing updates too much, sampaikan there's no record I can refer to on what actually happenning these few years. Sebab I don't remember any single thing. My mind is blocking them. HAHAHAHAHABLERGHHH. Say again, who's blocking?

I do miss writing. And typing. I miss blogging. Because people will always hear me. Whether they understand or not, they'll listen. Listeonnn to the soooonng here in maiii heooorttttt *vibrato*. They'll read. Tapi what's going on in their mind, how they interpret my writings in their own meaning, that, I cannot halang. For me blogging is never about fame. It's about passion on doing things that I love. It is called : being TRUTHFUL. But, my honesty and me being always blunt over things sometimes distance me from my own blog. I am so worried I might slipped anything that I will regret later. I have hearts who I have to care. I am naturally a good person *wekkk* but as a human, I do have my evil side too (i am wayyy too honest). I do have weakness. I have histories I wish I can erase. I am unlucky. I am struggling in life. I have those moments I wish I could go back. And...... call me immature but I hate when people tell me to be patient when I AM being patient.

I still want to write more, :( but I have to go. Lovely day everybody!

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  1. masih org membaca eventhough its sad. its just feel good to share