Sometimes late at night.

September 19, 2015

I just finished my forever-tidak-pandai-habis-habis work so I think I want to stop by here just for a little 'hi'. Actually I intended to extend my blogging hiatus til October or lagi hebat til 2016 but tonight I just feel like writing so here I am. It's 1.33AM now and I should be sleeping sebab esok pagi supposed bangun awal to Kota Kinabalu tapi saya adalah terlalu {insert negative feelings here} to even close my eyes so.. again, here I am.

Err. I might as well bersiap dan directly drive to Kota Kinabalu right away once I finished writing this entry. Hahah. Dan sementara menunggu, boleh tidur dalam kereta. CRAZY.

Destinasi I cannot reveal now but some of them boleh agak di mana kan? XD

I really REALLY cannot wait for next year's trips. Tapi yalah, cerita kemain cannot wait cannot wait. Tapi lepas pergi updatenya tidak. Bosan kau ni (- -"). Trip yang 3 months and 2 weeks lagi tu one of my girl bff in KL might want to join so not going solo anymore I think heheh. Our plan, she touch down Kota Kinabalu few days earlier and jalan-jalan Sabah sebelum sama-sama fly untuk berdrywinter then selesai trip she go back to KL and I go back to KK. 3 more months to plan what and where we'll go in between. Seriously I can't wait! Things have been so painful lately T___T

One more thing, I cut my hair short. Very short. Last potong pendek gini rasanya time form 4. Like a mad woman.


Okey rasanya sampai sini dulu. Few more hours to sleep before ke KK. Bye. Zzz.

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