Pain does that to people.

July 13, 2015

So kita dah lebih halfway 2015 ni, and I didn't write as often here contrary to what I promised before. Sorry. But life's been too crappy, it's not worth writing. I don't want to remember them all either, so what the hell.

Despite it all, minggu ini ai adalah produktif yeay! Been ages since I want to finish it, and in two days semua selesai. Happy gila. Saya off untuk bulan ni untuk fokus beberapa perkara dan ada beberapa perkara juga saya dah start secara konsisten and alhamdulillah so far everything went well / well organized. Moga terus istiqomah. Lepas ni dah boleh senang hati meng-hectic-kan life sendiri. I juga try to bring back my old childish hobby, as people might call it, but I call it as THERAPY. Writing and cards and other merepek thingy. Contoh macam ; Hias buku quote / to-do list letak sticker-sticker, berjiwangkarat, dan maybe ; tulis blog dengan ROJAK MELAMPAU. Kahkah!! Whatever, Fina. Whatever.

 Indifference (apathy), means, not giving a damn.

People care because they love. People still care even if they hate. People can still love even if they hate. Hate is just love that gone bad. Sebab tu di dunia yang apalah sangat ni, wujud orang beridentiti HATER. They hate you, yet they still bother their ass judging your personal life. Then apa opposite bagi love? Yes, indifference, indeed. Because that's when people no longer care. Tak penting, tak kisah, tak peduli, kau siapa. Simply. HAHA. And to some people, it doesn't always mean they never care. Those who no longer care, they once cared too much.

Selamat bersahur.

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  1. Haters gonna hate. We just flip our hair and the hell with them all... right Fina? Aww you take care ok. Everything will be fine. do what you love, and whatever that makes you the happiest. Selamat berpuasa!

  2. walking past by here. Sometimes we need to care what people said, but sometimes we dont. Just keep our heads high and walk the talk. I know its easier said than done. Been telling myself to do the same over and over again =)

  3. Coffee Girl,
    i will take very good care of myself. thanks so much. honestly i was thinking about u seconds before i start writing this post anyway. dunno why hee

  4. ztie,
    well i used to care too much. cara > hate > ignore. membawa kepada ; less damage to myself.

  5. You were? awww... Must be the brainwaves. You're a strong girl. Meanwhile, bah apa lagi, enjoy your holidays ya. xoxo