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Armenian Street Heritage Hotel, Penang
Monday, May 04, 2015 posted at 16:00 ♥

Armenian Street Heritage Hotel, Penang
23-24 June 2014 (1 night)
RM127.59 per night Double Room
Booked via Booking.Com

Armenian Street Heritage Hotel. Susah sikit nak cerita pengalaman sebab gambar memang tiada ambil langsung time ni although our stay here was lovely. If you wish to see the picture you might click this link ; Armenian Street Heritage Hotel Official Website. The best hotel we've stayed since night 1.

Price mahal sikit, itupun during promo. RM127.59 for 1 night.

The hotel is actually part of the Tune Hotels group. But you won't find Tune Hotels logo here unlike the regular Tune Hotels maybe because it's more expensive. Konsep jauh berbeza dengan konsep biasa Tune Hotels so no worries. Heheh. And it's actually NOT located in the Armenian Street. However, it is just a stone throw away from the end of Armenian Street, on the corner of Carnavon Street. 

Ihsan Google (tq!)

Konsep dalam ni macam old English Penang. A touch of vintage, but modern looking. I LOVE this hotel so much I feel like I want to come back again soon at least for 2 nights! Seriously. Well, I did come back 8 months later tapi tidak duduk hotel ni pula sebab bajet. Next nanti kita cerita tu. Bye! :P



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