Rather sombre

December 30, 2014

As you all know, aku memang tulis broken English dekat blog. And I speak next to zero English because I have problem with my tongue muahaha and please don't put me down by condemning me, just because you have really great English, it doesn't make you better than me. (saying this because I received an email saying that my english made him/her ...speechless XD). I am not acting as a COOL person konon-konon urban, am just trying my best. None of my family can speak good English, yet, I was a bit lucky since, of all subjects in school, when almost all my friends loath it, English Language class was apparently my favorite subject (of all things!).


I know complained almost all the time in blog but looking back, I actually have achieved quite so many things in just one year. Maybe banyak benda buat that's why the stress is different haha. Kalau cakap pasal travel, tahun depan dan depan slow down sebab I have another big target for next year. Lagipun tarikh bercuti 2 years ahead (2015 dan 2016) dah ada lol awal kan. Biasalah early birds.

Tapi apa target tahun depan tu, itu cerita untuk hujung tahun depanlah.

As for work, I still need more time. Satu tahun beroperasi masih terlalu muda, but the beginning is quite good. The rest is for next year plan. Alhamdulillah I can pay my bills, fund my trips, buy my wishlists, dan bayar PTPTN habis by 2 years to come (saya start bayar lambat *embarrassed*) but hey at least bayar kan?

Cerita lain, tiada apa sangat. Yes I am sad for all the horrible things happened to me this year, but nevertheless, I am still excited for few things coming up, but let's keep that as a secret for now. Macam biasalah, nanti if dah selesai or dah dapat, adalah ceritanya di sini. As for now, tiada apa yang pasti lagi. Mengharap sangat tu tidak, tapi sekurang-kurangnya usaha itu ada kan. No matter how down I might feel, I'll keep going on. Sorry for my posts sekarang ni, all are too sombre I think. Haha.

Okey. Word of the day. SOMBRE.

adjective: sombre; adjective: somber
    • dark or dull in colour or tone.
        • "the night skies were sombre and starless"
        • "it was the custom to wear very sombre clothes to a funeral" 
        • synonyms : dark, dark-coloured, dull, dull-coloured, drab, dingy, shady, restrained, subdued, sober, funereal, severe, austere
        • antonyms: bright
    • having or conveying a feeling of deep seriousness and sadness.
        • "he looked at her with a sombre expression"
        • synonyms : solemn, earnest, serious, grave, sober, unsmiling, poker-faced, stern, grim, dour, humourless, stony-faced, gloomy, depressed, sad, melancholy, dismal, doleful, mournful, joyless, cheerless, lugubrious, funereal, sepulchral 
        • antonyms: cheerful

    I have 15 minutes to ramble here til 12AM but entahlah malam makin larut, otak pun dah tak berfungsi dengan betul (sejak bila otak kau berfungsi dengan betul entahlah Fina). All I want to do for tonight 12AM onwards tunggu link download latest episode Runningman keluar tapi belum keluar-keluar lagi so I guess siang nanti sajalah.

    12.15AM :
    Sekarang dah masuk 30 Disember, can't believe time flies so fast dan tidak lama lagi masuk tahun 2015. Balik lagi ke 1 Januari. How sometimes we didn't want to let go, but eventually we have to. As I'm getting older, sometimes I feel like I want to stop the time. I want to achieve so many things, do so many things, but at the same time, I want to stop the ticking clock. Hahaha. Don't know why. Another year passed, sedia atau tidak, now we have to welcome 2015. *sigh* I hope my night skies in 2015 won't be sombre and starless anymore. Today will be the last Tuesday for 2014. Goodbye Tuesday 2014. Tomorrow I'll be seeing the last Wednesday of 2014. As for 2014's Thursday, Friday, until yesterday Monday, you'll all be in history. 

    So, stop sini dululah. Ada banyak lagi masa lain untuk share all rubbish thoughts of mine XD Bye good night :)


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