The Palace Hotel Kota Kinabalu

November 06, 2014

And so the one we booked this time is ; The Palace Hotel

Dalam perjalanan terserempak dengan tauke restoran mamak rupanya selama ni kerja sebenar adalah seorang polis. Ya Allah cool gila sebab depan mata kami beliau berjaya menangkap penjenayah yang semakin menjadi-jadi mengganggu ketenteraman awam di jalan sekitar arah Kota Kinabalu dan simpang bypass Kota Belud.

Oyea am cool liddat

Brr whatever.

I booked thru Agoda. Lepas compare harga di website rasmi hotel, di Booking.Com dan Agoda sendiri. Nampak macam remeh tapi for it's just few clicks away. Hari-hari kerja saya cek rate hotel. If you spend time with me in KK, you'll find tiba-tiba my eyes fixed somewhere while in car and mumble to myself  'eh saya nampak nama hotel tu di Agoda'. lol.

The first time I went there time attend kursus pengurusan restoran anjuran MARA. It was few years ago but later on when I'm married not long after that kami mula try macam-macam jenis hotel di Kota Kinabalu. Kami dah pernah try dari yang no star, 1 star, 2 3 4 cuma 5 star saja belum. We've tried Tune Hotel and Courtyard Hotel in 1Borneo. One of my favourite when I'm feeling kaya is, The Palace Hotel. After Ming Garden Hotel. We've tried Ming Garden Hotel honeymoon suite too, and not bad.. But hmm.. Next time pergi Thailand baru ambil that kind of roomlah. Why Thailand? Sebab hotel sana murah.

Anyhow, back to The Palace Hotel KK.

Reason is ;

1. The price. It's a lower standard for a 4 star hotel but what the hell. It's cheap. You can get RM130 room only or RM160 with breakfast. Biasa I amik dengan sarapan sekali. Room for this price have no view/basement rooms.
2. It provides free shuttle to KK downtown starting 11AM til evening (sorry cannot recall). I surely didn't huse this but I think it's useful to those without transport but want to get around KK. For 1 Day tour to Kundasang you can contact 01114811464 (Whatsapp) for arrangement.
3. Room for this price comes with what a 4 star hotel should come with. Refrigerators, antara yang penting.
4. Breakfast is nice and the surrounding also nice, get up as early as you can.
5. Ada guards, tempat parking untuk kereta banyak. This is what I like though. Different people have different preference right.
6. Room and toilet is bright, modern, simple and clean.

But you have to bear with ;

1. With the price you might don't have internet access (entahlah, saya sendiri tak pernah minta as I have my own broadband)
2. Downstairs rooms' hallways are a bit smelly.. Bau swimming pool (swimming pool satu floor dengan basement rooms. just nearby.). This time kami dapat bilik ni - basement room (after all these time asyik upgrade ke standard room), but for me, I don't mind. Almost not an issue.
3. The rooms is for two but it's actually come with 2 single beds instead of queen/king bed. For double bed maybe you have to pay more. Entahlah, setakat ni tengok rate online they only provide enough quota for twin bed rooms. What me and husband did was, kami sambung saja dua katil twin ni. Almost not an issue for us too. 
4. Not in walking distance to KK downtown if you want to walk around, but it's very close to Karamungsing shoppingmall (just opposite). You can find enough here.

As long as the rooms has TV and the aircond is cold enough (for husband), katil dan bantal selesa dan lembut, the breakfast is nice and delicious (for me) and it's all good for us. Heheh.

Good for those who ;

1. Are on budget tapi nak juga hotel 4 bintang dan tak kisah ambil twin bed room
2. Wants enough privacy as KK downtown is not in walking distance.
3. Have own car / rented a car

Sleep Quality ★★★★☆
Location ★★★☆☆
Rooms ★★★★☆
Service ★★★★☆
Value ★★★★★
Cleanliness ★★★★☆
 I'm a happy guest ;)

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