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Rainy Day.
Wednesday, November 05, 2014 posted at 18:41 ♥

I am supposed to update more about Sister's Trip but, pulang dari Indonesia tempoh hari saya perasan all my notes about previous trip along with my notes (and lots of them because I simply love papers and pens haha) were all gone. MIA. Missing in agony. Lol. Because there's a slightest agony in my heart. Macamana nak keep the record with all those notes went missing! Boleh menggelupur I sebab I lost all of them. Checked here and there in this little home, later I go back home in Ranau I cari lagi. Balik hari tu actually ada cari, tapi tidak jumpa. Since I was in a hurry, maybe ada tempat lupa nak tengok. Weird, since I bukan jenis letak barang merata-rata. And if I know I masih perlu those notes, biasa I tak hantar balik rumah. Weird, really. But ya for now we leave it that way..... ? *unfinishedbusiness*

Selain video yang ini, by now I have one more video to show you (now uploading in youtube). Taken using SJ4000 yang kecil (besar cuma 3 fingers if not, my two fat fingers haha) dan senang bawa. Niat sebenar waktu ambil afll those videos are, later on kunun mau screenshot saja dan up gambar-gambar screenshot itud ke blog macam biasa but now since I am too lazy to do that, I downloaded software Movie Maker (sebab senang guna) dan edit, upload pergi youtube dan paste code di blog. I find it easier and faster, and fun too. Ah great. Now you got to hear my weird voice datang dari entah planet mana. T__T

Ok bagi masa menaip untuk next entry. Sorry untuk Sisters trip lepas ni saya tulis budgeting per day/activity/entry setakat apa yang saya ingatlah. Atau boleh cek sini untuk jumlah kerugian secara menyeluruh.

Looking back, macam biasa part makan dan part shopping agak over sikit. Masalahnya yang part shopping tu bukan beli sangat untuk diri sendiri pun. Untuk souvenirs saja. Hahah. Lepas ni, I akan tolak sebarang aktiviti kirim mengirim unless if I was given enough money, unless it was my own will, or unless benda senang cari, or unless it was one week before. Tidak pun, jalan senyap-senyap not telling anyone. lol. I feel so sorry but next time saya kena buat macam ni untuk avoid kesusahan pada waktu kejadian. A lesson learnt. Really. I thought I am a shopaholic, but maybe shopping for others is not my kind of thing.. Haven't had the time to look for mine. lol. Regret.

Gotta go.



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