Gary (Runningman) Is My Bias. :P

November 17, 2014

Speaking about Runningman, mesti terbayang satu-satu wajah all the cast/members kan. I love all of them. Yoo Jae Suk, HaHa, Song Ji Hyo, Gary, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Jong Kook.. Even Ji Suk Jin pun I think if dia tiada, rasa macam tidak lengkap. He always appears weak, but when he's being himself, he's the best at picking up and teasing especially to Ji Hyo. Always find myself laughing at his line. Haha..

Kalau cerita pasal race, Kwangsoo is still my bias. Weak people doesn't always have to loose, they still have the right to at least have the effort to win and end up stronger. I feel you, Kwangsoo, we're on the same boat. ;)

But there's something about Gary, makes me like him the most. Let me tell you why ;

1. He's cheesy and playful
2. When Monday Couple appear, there's always a fresh joke from Gary
3. He actually has a little bit of Jaesuk's brain and Jongkook's strength
4. I love his jokes and if he's not doing anything I might still laugh :D
5. He has the exact kind of humor and expression I like the most, the kind of humor that will still make me laugh even if I already heard it 10 times
6. He's gentle and protective
7. In some episode, if you can see, he loves to write (lyrics) and he really loves books. Highfive with me Gary oppa! :P
8. His answer when others trying to tease him
9. Because I love rap song. His songs like TEARS and THE GIRL WHO CAN'T BREAK UP, THE BOY WHO CAN'T LEAVE is my kind of song

And more! Looking on the list above, I might as well summarize : I love Gary because he's freaking funny. Sebab almost all points tulis how funny he is. Okeylah, biggest reason is because he's funny. Haha.

Helo Gary:)

Those who in my facebook friendlist might know I kinda like this oppa because my current profile picture is me wearing a hat with Gary's obviously name written on it. And dalam gambar di atas ni ada tulis Metro Hotel (vertical purple signboard), hotel tempat saya menginap waktu ke KL bulan lepas. Hotel ni dekat dengan KL Sentral and I made a wise choice sebab next morning I have to take the earliest transport to KLIA2 for my flight. But that's another story. Of course this picture is taken long time ago but the fact that Gary actually standing there and took this picture made me fly and fly and fly.. At least we've been standing at the same spot before.


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