Choosing Your Luggage Bags : Tips for the ladies!

November 13, 2014

Oh well I've been bitten by a travel bug because of my curiosity on travelling and since I started going abroad on February 2014, I can't help but keep planning about my next places to visit for future trips! And days before, I've bought myself a return flight tickets to Hong Kong on January 2016 yeay! I love to buy flight tickets wayyyyy ahead because it's cheap, and I actually have my own sweet time preparing. Time moves just like waterfalls these days. It doesn't fly that much anymore. You're there and then suddenly poofff one year passed already. ;)

Before making up my mind for Hong Kong, I've gone through a little research on google to have a quick glimpse on what season it is on January (to know what to wear), their culture and how they socialize (so I know if I can travel alone or not), interesting places to visit (so I know how many days I can actually spend on that trip) and finding out about the foods, hotels and public transport. For budgeting and yes, to determine what kind of luggage bag I'm going to use.

One of the most essential thing when you're planning to travel ; LUGGAGE BAGS, obviously! WHAT'S YOUR PERFECT TRAVEL BAG? For a long time, travelers really only had three choices when it came to luggage. You could take a backpack, or a handle luggage bag, or you could take a trolley luggage bags.


The first type of travel bag suitable for women is the trolley luggage bag. It's a perfect choice especially if you are travelling abroad and going in or out of airports, if you're traveling with tour agencies (you don't have to hop on public transports). Trolley bag allows women to carry their bag easily with the wheels attached at the bottom of the bag. I once bring a trolley luggage bag during my trip to Bandung Indonesia where I shop like crazy haha. The bag became super heavy upon my last day in Bandung, but thankfully no matter how heavy it was, it's still easier to roll than if I have to carry the weight on my back. But please note that not every hostel (if you're on budget) and airports will have elevators and it would be tiring since this bag isn't stairway friendly T_T And the street roads for trolley bags? Hmm.


The second choice for the ladies who love travelling is the handle luggage bag or known as ‘beg balik kampung’ for the Malaysians. This type of bag is only advisable for the ladies to carry if you are having a holiday inside your own country. Carry along the handle strap luggage bag to an island or the highlands for a weekend trip. It is perfect for the ladies who are only going on a 3 days 2 nights trip. If you are planning to have a carry on bag on the flight for travelling overseas, this bag should be great to fit your important items upon landing. If you just want to carry it in relatively short distances, a handle luggage is perfect. For more general travel, however, they aren't such a great choice – most handle bags become painful to carry within a few minutes. But for 2D1N or 3D2N or maybe 4D3N leisure trip where you don't have too much activities in your itinerary, this should be okey as you might not bring too much things with you.. ;)


If you are someone who prefers to travel light or on a budget, opt for a backpack with plenty of pockets. The backpacker travelers are often seen to carry this type of bag on their trips. Ladies should only bring necessary items such as clothes, water bottle, hygiene products, maps, travel books and medication during this adventurous backpacking travel style. You can actually run to catch the 6AM train, your hands are free, easy to carry and convenient to pick up and go and backpacks offer more organizational pockets than any other luggage bags. But it's heavy to lift, and if it's not suitable with your body or packed wrongly, it can be a little bit painful for your back.I personally love this bag the most.

No single piece of luggage is perfect for all kinds of travel. You have to ask yourself what types of trips you'll take and what kinds of activities you plan to do and maybe what season you're going to encounter. And this is the reason why I will always have a glimpse on where I'm going so that I'll know which luggage bag to use! ;)

Calling fellow ladies traveler out there!

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