Are you a glampacker or a poorpacker?

November 12, 2014

According to The Sole Sisters blog.

What is Glampacking?

This is the stylish kind of travel. It's backpacking with a slightly healthier budget. These kinds of travelers won’t sacrifice their cute clothes and hairdryers while backpacking. They try and keep it glamorous. Sometimes, they have all inclusive holidays to relax and pamper themselves. They love to be pampered, actually. They are bubbly, energetic, fun and make new friends wherever they go.

You Know When You're a Glampacker When...

01) Your backpack is colored pink.
02) You won't leave home without your hair dryer.
03) Your backpack is filled with cute little pouches to organize your stuff.
04) You bring 4 pairs of shoes plus a pair of your no-miss black flats...just in case.
05) You shower preferably when there's hot water available.
06) You put on Deet every minute when traveling to someplace tropical.
07) You won't go #2 if there's no bidet.
08) Your toiletry kit contains: shampoo, conditioner, deep cleansing hair mask, extra-moisture body cream, facial cleanser and a loofah. In other words, you have a product for every single part of your body. This means, you take forever in the bathroom!
09) You don't wear the same clothes twice in a week.
10) You wear full-on make-up to see the beauty of Angkor or explore the streets of Jaipur.
11) You get a manicure and a pedicure every chance you get.
12) You don't actually carry your own backpack. You have other backpackers (particularly those buff surfer ones) to do that for you.
13) Your hair is sooo shiny and healthy, it could start bearing fruit anytime soon.
14) You get a haircut every chance you get.
15) You just can't resist buying that new dress/shirt/bikini at the market. In every city you visit.
16) You always make sure that your top matches your bottom.
17) You don't wear dirty clothes, i.e. those that you've worn yesterday.
18) A glampacker's travel essentials include a scarf, a maxi dress, lots of bling and cute shoes.

What in the world is Poorpacking?

This is a new kind of travelling – flying in the face of conventions, traversing all kinds of boundaries, making journeys to little-known places away from the tourist treadmill. The Sole Sisters went in search of other worlds that appear both familiar and different, building bridges across seemingly divided worlds.

They did not travel across countries, rather they travelled into them – into their societies. They did not have a fixed itinerary but respected the natural evolution of the journey, guided by events, curiosity, intuition. And as they travelled in their independent, resourceful, open way with the freedom to imagine – what they dub “poorpacking” – they created a wonderful collection of subjective impressions, through images and the written word.

You Know When You're a Poorpacker When...

01) Most of your clothes are stained, torn and have more holes than cheese.
02) You quit having haircuts. You'd rather spend that money for food.
03) You swapped your vanilla-scented body wash for plain ol' soap.
04) The last time you used hair conditioner was about 2 months ago. You use only shampoo now. Which probably explains why...
05) Your hair is dead and lifeless. You've become like one of the 'before' models in those shampoo commercials.
06) You once went out of your guesthouse forgetting to comb your hair. Your friend (Lois) had to point it out just as you were opening the door.
07) You now have only one comb (without handle) to share between you and your friend.
08) Your feet look and feel like they've travelled from Laos to Cambodia to Thailand on foot. (Probably because you did.)
09) You smell your clothes to check if it's wearable or not. If it doesn't smell like a rat died on it, then it's still ok.
10) You wear your clothes twice (sometimes 3x if push comes to shove) to save on laundry fees (or detergent if you're addicted to washing your own clothes like Lois).
11) You learned how to 'borrow' stuff. Like those flipflops that someone left on the beach bar in Koh Tao, Thailand or the Topshop straw hat in the luggage room in your guesthouse in Bangkok. (We totally didn't do these things. Honest!)
12) The sight of a fresh roll of toilet paper in a public rest room sends you into shivers of happiness. You then discreetly stuff it in your backpack
13) You stuff buffet food into your pockets, plastic bags and carry-ons just to have food for the next boat ride.
14) You don't buy 1 USD bottles of mineral water everyday. Instead, you look for those water refilling stations for 0.30 cents a pop. Or better still, refill for free from your guesthouse (which you chose for exactly that reason).
15) The guesthouse you stay in complains that they run out of drinking water constantly. You and you friends try and hide the 2 bottles of 2-gallon containers which you just refilled.
16) You can't remember when you last put make-up on.
17) Your legs, which were flawlessly perfect before, are now full of gashes, bruises, mosquito bites and scars.
18) You don't buy drinks at the bar; instead, you and your friends buy them from 7-11 and drink at Tha Pae Gate (Chiang Mai) or sit on the sand near a beach bar so you still have music (Koh Tao). Then, you go to the bars and dance.
19) Everywhere you go, you pretend you're local just to avoid paying those hefty entrance fees and foreigner's charges. You can't even pay for travel insurance!
20) You can't remember the last time you ate at a fast-food restaurant.
21) Actually, you haven't eaten at a place with decent chairs and table cloth in recent memory.

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