It's a, secret.

October 17, 2014

Kebetulan since last night I susun-susun entri caca merba I sejak 2006 into categories (bayangkan after years!) dan design link bergambar untuk bagi menarik dan kemas sikit. I love the outcome. Pastu tadi pula, saya cuba bersihkan drafts. Ada hampir 50 post semuanya dan kebanyakkannya adalah entri yang pernah dipublish tapi saya turn into draft long ago. Dalam fikiran saya, okeylah must be the content are way too inappropriate or sangat-sangat tak releven atau something yang I malu nak bagi orang baca. Hehe. Bila cek.. 

Hm. I lost words.

Because of the drafts, I took almost an hour of my time for self reflecting. Thinking what I did in the past, that I have to pay for it today. This might be one of the reason. And more.

To that someone, I know you're happily married now. I'm happy for you. Am not expecting any in return, I just wanna say sorry for my stupidity. I was so stupid I know. I still remember those words - the last time we actually talked. And that was our last time. And if I could turn back the time... I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't leave.

As for me, I'm ... doing good. This year only I traveled by plane 10 times already haha.. I covered Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia and coming back to Thailand. I've seen and learned many things by heart, I'm grateful of being able to do that. And soon I'm gonna start my solo trip - covering parts in Malaysia I've never been before. Haven't had any plan yet although I've bought the tickets. I wish to fly even far, but for now, yang dekat-dekat saja dulu. Eventho I've been to those 3 countries but I know I haven't truly experience them though. For now jejak kaki saja dulu, next time datang balik and spend more time there. Traveling. Honestly this's my new obsession because that's the only time I could find myself. The only time I'm genuinely happy.

Apapun, I'm coming home tomorrow! Yeay! Harap-harap semua seperti yang dirancang..

Okey need to go. Nak cari-cari lagi benda boleh di edit pada blog ni selagi ada masa free. Bukan selalu ada masa untuk edit-edit ni ;)

Betul tak? ;)

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