Hutang entri.

August 27, 2014

What you say??!

And it's been two months and I haven't share anything to you (blog) yet about my trip to Northern Malaysia and Southern Thailand last June, but now already preparing for my trip to Indonesia end of next month. Bukan masa yang berlalu sangat cepat, tapi saya yang bertangguh-tangguh. I feel so sorry now ; I blame myself for abandoning this blog too long. For never keeping my promises.. (- -')

Really, am sorry..
I'll try to find time soon. Sayang kalau biar berlalu macam tu saja. Without records. Seriously I might as well letak blogging ni dalam daily schedule lepas ni XD

June trip : Packing tips, Day 1 until Day 9, lepas tu 5 hotels yang kami plan pergi each lain-lain entry, overall budget, tips, every places Penang, Langkawi, Krabi, Hatyai. See banyaknya hutanggg.. Seteghess! *feeling Lisa Surihani*

Oh gotta run.

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