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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Ini lagu group LeeSsang (Gil & Gary) group rappers Korea. Tapi Monday Couple version (fan made), not the official video clip. But I love the feel, I love the rapping. I love lagu-lagu rapping ni. So much words. So much they have to tell.
Remember I once posted here about Gary might rap about Ji-Hyo?

I'd never thought korean song would be good enough like this. Seriously ingatkan it's all about the idols terkinja-kinja atas pentas. Lagi satu I ingatkan idol dengan pelakon korea ni lelaki-lelaki dia semua yang stok PRETTY BOY. Bila start tengok Runningman, I like the member themselves just who they are in the show (as I don't know them in reality). Among the members, first in my rank would be Song Ji Hyo. And then Kang Gary. And then Monday Couple. And then Lee Kwang Soo. Still, on top of that, I love them all. Not just fangirling here. Runningman is always the cure when I'm feeling down. :)

Lets play the song.

LeeSsang 리쌍 Feat. Eugene 유진 of The Seeya

(Hangeul, Romanization & Translation)

니가 떠나고 늘 슬프다 아무리 슬퍼해도 슬픔이 모잘라
Ni-ga tteo-na-go neul seul-peu-da a-mu-ri seul-peo-hae-do seul-peum-i mo-jal-la
After you left, I’m always sad
맘 놓고 아파할 곳을 찾아 숨는다
Mam no-ko a-pa-hal gos-eul chaj-a sum-neun-da
No matter how sad I am, the sadness is not enough
불 꺼진 집 앞에 멈춰진 차안에 너의 집 앞에
Bul kkeo-jin jib ap-e meom-chweo-jin cha-an-e neo-eui jib ap-e
I look for a place to hurt and hide - In front of my dark house, in my stopped car, in front of your house
사랑 잃은 삶은 가난 남아 있는것은 그저 텅 빈 너와 난
Sa-rang ir-eun sal-meun ga-nan nam-a in-neun-geos-eun geu-jeo teong bin neo-wa nan
A life without love is like poverty, the only thing remaining is an empty room
마치 더이상 함께할 수 없는 낮과밤
Ma-chi deo i-sang ham-kke-hal su eom-neun nat-gwa-bam
You and I, we’re like day and night, which cannot be together
우리가 나눠가진것은 그리움 하나
U-ri-ga na-nweo-ga-jin-geos-eun geu-ri-um ha-na
The only thing we split and shared is longing
술에 취해 불쑥 찾아와 오늘은 오빠랑 잘꺼라며 떼를쓰고
Sur-e chwi-hae bul-ssuk chaj-a-wa o-neur-eun o-ppa-rang jal-kkeo-ra-myeo tte-reul-sseu-go
You get drunk one night, come to me and fuss that you’re gonna sleep with me
베렛나루 만지며 내 품에 누워 보고싶었다며 말을하고
Be-ret-na-ru man-ji-myeo nae pum-e nu-weo bo-go-sip-ot-da-myeo mar-eul-ha-go
You touch my happy trail and say that you wanna lay down in my arms
왜 오빠는 매일 바쁘나며 묻고 소리없이 울고
Wae o-ppa-neun mae-il ba-ppeu-na-myeo mut-go so-ri-ob-si ul-go
You ask me why I’m always so busy and silently cry
그냥해본 말이라며 자긴 항상 나를 믿는다고
Geu-nyang-hae-bon mar-i-ra-myeo ja-gin hang-sang na-reul min-neun-da-go
You say didn’t mean it and that you always believe me
내 옆을 항상 지켜주던 너와의 모든것이 다
Nae yeop-eul hang-sang ji-kyeo-ju-deon neo-wa-eui mo-deun-geos-i da
You and everything of you that always protected me
이제는 그리움이 되고
I-je-neun geu-ri-um-i dwe-go
Has now become longing

Chorus :

좁은 골목길 사이 혼자 눈물
Job-eun gol-mok-gil sa-i hon-ja nun-mul
Alone between narrow streets in tears
누가 볼까봐 몰래 훔친 눈물
Nu-ga bol-kka-bwa mol-lae hum-chin nun-mul
In case someone sees, I secretly shed tears
약해 지지않으려 Oh yeah 발버둥을 치려다 내 눈물
Yak-hae ji-ji an-eu-ryeo Oh yeah bal-beo-dung-eul chi-ryeo-da nae nun-mul
I try so hard not to become weak
My tears
집앞 계단길 아래 혼자 눈물
Jib-ap gye-dan-gil a-rae hon-ja nun-mul
Sit alone on the stairs in front of my house in tears
니가 알까봐 몰래 훔친 눈물
Ni-ga al-kka-bwa mol-lae hum-chin nun-mul
In case you find out, I secretly shed tears
약해지지않으려 Oh yeah 발버둥을 치려다 내 눈물
Yak-hae ji-ji an-eu-ryeo Oh yeah bal-beo-dung-eul chi-ryeo-da ne nun-mul
I try so hard not to become weak
My tears

우린 고운정보단 미운정이 더 많아
U-rin go-un-jeong-bo-dan mi-un-jeong-i deo man-a
We have bad attachments rather than good attachments
맨날 싸우고 몇일 동안 안봐
Maen-nal ssa-u-go myeoch-il dong-an an-bwa
We fight all the time and go for days without seeing each other
그렇게 우린 서로 원했던게 많아
Geu-reo-ke u-rin seo-ro weon-haet-teon-ge man-a
But we wanted each other so much
사랑했으니깐 없으면 못 살았으니까
Sa-rang-haess-eu-ni-kkan eob-seu-myeon mot sar-ass-eu-ni-kka
Because we loved each other, because we couldn’t live without each other
니 몸에 난 점 먹지 못하는 거
Ni mom-e nan jeom meok-ji mot-ha-neun geo
The freckles on your body, the food you can’t eat
너와 싸우고 화해 키스하고 푼적
Neo-wa ssa-u-go hwa-hae ki-seu-ha-go pun-jeok
When we kiss and made up after fighting 
운전할때도 손을 꼭 잡았었던
Un-jeon-hal-ttae-do son-eul kkok jab-ass-eot-teon
When we tightly held hands while driving
그모든것이 다시 생각나
Geu mo-deun-gos-i da-si saeng-gang-na
I remember all of those things
잠시라도 곁에 없으면 불안해
Jam-si-ra-do gyeot-e ob-seu-myeon bur-an-hae
Even if you’re not next to me for a moment, I get nervous
너를 보내고 툭하면 멍해
Neo-reul bo-nae-go tuk-ha-myeon meong-hae
After letting you go, I easily get blank
변해 가는 세상이 싫어
Byeon-hae ga-neun se-sang-i sir-eo
I hate the changing world
너의 기억을 억지로 꺼내
No-eui gi-eog-eul ok-ji-ro kkeo-nae
I forcefully take out your memories
이름 얼굴 웃음 향기
I-reum eol-gul us-eum hyang-gi
Your name, face, laughter, scent
니가 내게 남긴 추억이 너무 많아
Ni-ga nae-ge nam-gin chu-eog-i neo-mu man-a
There are so many memories you gave to me
니가 내게 남긴 영혼은 아직 남아
Ni-ga nae-ge nam-gin yeong-ho-neun a-jik nam-a
There is so much soul that you left to me
살아 숨쉬어 이렇게 나를 찾아와
Sar-a sum-swi-eo i-reo-ke na-reul chaj-a-wa
They come to life and find to me
사랑이란 두글자로 다 부숴
Sa-rang-i-ran du-geul-ja-ro da bu-sweo
I crush them all with the word, love

눈물 눈물 눈물
Nun-mul nun-mul nun-mul
My tears, tears, tears
또 다시 눈물 눈물 눈물
Tto da-si nun-mul nun-mul nun-mul
Once again tears, tears, tears
소리없어 또 I don’t wanna know
So-ri-eob-seo tto I don’t wanna know
Again silently – I don’t wanna know
내 기억을 다 번지게해
Nae gi-eog-eul da beon-ji-ge-hae
It smears my memories
좁은 골목길 사이 혼자 눈물

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