I think I am weird

Friday, November 01, 2013

You wanna know how weird I am? Tell me that I am not the only one.

01. I fart too.
02. Used to smile a lot when I was younger but now I frown for no reason at all. Just because.
03. I was a traditional dancer and I've been actively managing a group of dancer. I love make-ups. I got complete set of brushes and make-ups, I know basic and advanced knowledge about make-up. I've been there for years but I don't like wearing it myself. I feel weird.
04. I tak pandai layan kids. I feel weird.
05. I like to see pretty girls. Especially when they're not trying so hard.
06. I am scared at chinese men.
07. I am annoying and get annoyed easily
08. I am garang.
09. I swear a lot #$%^& :)
10. Despite it all, surprisingly my sense of humor is not that bad. I laugh a lot. Big ones.
11. I love to get myself sweating.
12. I wish my name is Fina Sophie.
13. I love number 1.
14. I'm 27 but I still feel young and free.
15. I love freedom
16. I love to be silly and rock things out
17. I schedule, assign, and order myself a lot
18. I'm a gadget fan. 1 laptop, 1 smartphone, 1 dslr (coming soon). Enough :)
19. I’m an unashamed web addict. I could spend 24 hours a day online, usually doing random craps with no real goal
20. I am self centered
21. I am used to awkwardness
22. I love to sell things
23. Suka tengok bulan penuh. 
24. If I wouldn't appear crazy, I would sing loudly everytime.
25. I think I am weird which is why I love people who makes me feel normal.

Oh! 1 thing. Saya sedang dalam proses kemaskini link blogger, so if you want to be in it, just put your link below thanks.


  1. Saya suka tengok bulan penuh jugak. :) You're not weird. You're just different. xoxo

  2. I think that we share the same weirdo's haha

    I have full set of make up complete with the brushes, but I rarely use it -.-

    I an annoying too. hiks


  3. Khai♥Rin : anies,
    dah retire dah hahaha :D

  4. ika zulkefli,
    high 5! kita perempuan mesti at least ada garang sikit ;)

  5. Syazana Zainn,
    maybe sbb kita suka buat koleksi kan.. nak perfect set tp jrg guna pon. haha..


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