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Google Friend Connect in Classic Blogger. Did it!
Friday, November 22, 2013 posted at 09:55 ♥

Merujuk entri ini : Dear bloggers, pretty please?

Harapnya kali ni saya buat dengan betul. Kinda funny after 5 years using Classic Blogger template, suddenly I got way to apply this widget here. I thought it's only applicable in advanced New Blogger layout :

If this REALLY works, I'm brilliant! Feel free. If there's anything wrong again, please please PLEASE do tell me since I can't do it only by myself. T____T



Blogger Nurfaezah Abdullah said...

finaaaaaaaaaa~~ hahahaha Alhamdulillah it finally works! fae dah follow #282. you're brilliant ^^

22 November, 2013 15:21  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

Nurfaezah Abdullah,
eksaited eksaited hahaha alhamdulillah kan. nampak dah ^^ geram sgt smlm bila dpt tau rupanya butang tu menipuuu hahaha

22 November, 2013 16:36  
Blogger Coffee Girl said...

oh oh what's going on? rasa macam i kenal.. sikit-sikit lah. Still nice layout what. :)

22 November, 2013 16:37  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

Coffee Girl,
semalam dpt tau butang follow inspired by tumblr yg sy letak d blog ni sbnrnya tidak berfungsi da. thanks to her (fae), dia bgtau. skrg da fixed. so legalaaa.. hehe.. thanks b2b ;)

22 November, 2013 16:42  
Blogger Ieka XieaRf said...

heyy.. awak ada ke no wassap ieka ?

22 November, 2013 22:33  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

Xdalaaa :)

23 November, 2013 05:50  
Blogger Aidah said...

sis.. yup dah engaged hehehe, tapi event tersangat lah simple. =) btw thanks

23 November, 2013 12:11  
Blogger Ieka XieaRf said...

cemana nak bagi no ni ?

23 November, 2013 13:01  
Blogger Azhafizah Md Nor said...

thumbs up! menarik..unique style :)

24 November, 2013 15:30  

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