Dear bloggers, Pretty please?

November 22, 2013

Can some you please be a darling and do me some favor?

Thing is, I just figured out that some of my friends did clicked my follow button up there but weird cuz it didn't actually work the way it should. Or the way it seems. My feeds did not appear on her blogger dashboard and my total amount of follower didn't change. How come?

Thanks Fae (hi fae! will put your link here first thing tomorrow. susah sikit tulis entri guna handset ni) for telling me.

Nope, masih tiada pertambahan dalam jumlah follower T______T

Now I need you guys help me jika sudi, click butang "FOLLOW SOPHIESM.COM" dekat atas tu and kindly tell me what you see. See if everything is okey. Sebab if tak berfungsi juga, I might just change this blog layout. Sebab memang masalah coding ni. Been using classic blogger templates for 5 years now but I'd never know this, plus, by time, my blog followers always increasing. Maybe it's something to do with my current new template. So.. Help ya *sobs*

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  1. salam sis :) try this. coding yg sis guna tu teda 'follow-blog' tu. psl tu nda brfungsi :)

    <a href=" ID"target="_blank" title="follow?"><img border="0" src="IMAGE URL" />

  2. Nurfaezah Abdullah,
    its because of youuuuu ^^ thanks sgt2 bgtau if not seriously sy lgsg xtahu.