Wishlist : The Hunger Games Series

October 12, 2013

Someone's being sweet enough asking if I have some books I wish to have, so I requested THIS as the release date is just around the corner and I ain't got money and time to find it bhahah. See the sidebar, girls!! The wishlist have been there for weeks now theehehehe. Oh tukar topik jap. Sebelum ni ai dedicate the readers as 'guys', however sekarang tukar pergi 'girls'. I like it more *smile*

It's the countdown to the Catching Fire (The Hunger Games part 2)!  Salah satu series buku The Hunger Games. Baru beli buku pertama (after The Hunger Games part 1 release). Jom janji temu 22 November ke atas. Also got an appointment beli something dari Groupon. I malu nak bagitau or tulis. Sampai bila-bila pun malu nak bagitau so biarlah rahsia :*P

Last but not least, let's be friends on Instagram. There, I do 1 thing I almost won't do in Facebook and blog - Update pictures! Restricted area for girls, friends and relatives. Strangers especially guys are not welcomed. You follow and comment, I follow and comment you back. Wakaka. Dasar newbieeee.. Bye!

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