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Make-Up Review : L'elan Vital Browperfect Compact by Cosway
Friday, October 04, 2013 posted at 15:24 ♥

One of my favorite subject is make-up. I have passion in it. I can blabber the whole day about make-up thingy. Haha BTW sorry dalam picture, the colour palettes dah berkawah sikit sebab dah beberapa lama guna sebelum tulis pos ni. But before take pic, gigih ai bersihkan cermin tu hehehe dusty sikit. I personally love this L'elan Vital Browperfect Compact by Cosway, to the max. In fact, selama guna barang-barang Cosway, kebanyakan puas hati. Only few didn't reach my expectations. That thing up there is one of my favourite. Masuk ini, dah tiga kali beli. Contact lens sebelah tu baru beli dekat 1B dalam 1-2 bulan lepas. Saja letak, that kind of lens that suit me well. Haha ;)

Due to the lighting, warna lain sikit. But trust me, it's really nice. Pakai rasa macam natural sangat. As you can see, the set comes with 2 colour palettes, 1 brow wax, 2 applicator brushes & 1 mascara-like brush. Those brushes I jarang guna sebab I guna my Bobbi Brown brushes.

Originally a brow shaper, but I guna lebih dari tu. As a brow shaper, yes. As an eyeshadow, yes. Eyeliner base, yes. Tulang hidung, yes. Tulang pipi, yes. Tulang dagu, yes. HAHAHA. It's not that I tiada palette khas untuk semua tu, but I guess because the colour suits me damn well, just that. Siapa cakap untuk brow shaper you kena guna untuk tujuan tu saja. Lain-lain pun boleh. Boleh tiru aksi ini di rumah. As long as, 1st, mekap you guna is authentic. Never ever use fake ones. Not good for your skin. 2nd, you just have to use the right brush. Ai yang cakap. :P

Price : RM28 (WM), RM29 (EM) *much cheaper when it's on promotion
Buy again? : YES



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