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Thursday, September 19, 2013 posted at 17:39 ♥

Talking about wishlists.

Wishlists saya dekat sidebar cuma sedikit dari random wishlist yang lahir dari hati. List dari hati yang never had an ending. Yang mudah dilihat, itu saja yang saya perlihatkan. Mudah difahami. Mudah dicapai. Kerana berapa banyak wishlist yang tidak akan saya mampu capai seumur hayat ini. Tidak akan pernah termampu. It's something I have to live without. Things I couldn't even mention in heart. It's sad. As usual. This blog is so sad. Let's just cry :P

It's something about my little conversation with somebody about WISHLISTS days ago. Things she wants and however life have brought her a bit far away. Just a bit. I still think she could achieve whatever she wants, whenever her gut's strong. This and that. I can't help thinking - if only I have what she has right now. I would give my everything, my all. Just to have that little piece in my life. That ONE thing, the only reason why I blogged for all these years, thing I would never have in my entire life. Tapi I tetap optimis! ^^ Tidak apalah. I wasn't meant for me. I'm happy just the way it is.

Rutin harian seperti biasa. Sama. Fokus sekarang prepare untuk tahun depan. So much things coming up next year. Haha. Baru September kot. Dah fikir pasal tahun depan pula. Please la you.

By the way, saya buka balik blog ni. Private sebab dalam proses pembersihan. Walaupun sekarang masih lagi dalam proses, tapi dah boleh kot ditatap. Barulah ada mood sikit nak update. Bosan dengan template sebelum ni. 1486 post including drafts and published entries to moderate. Really would take ages. Buang gambar tidak pakai tudung, fixing broken links. I've done maybe just ...20%? 80% to go. Haha.

 Okey byee..



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