Poor Blackberry

September 30, 2013

Due to it's revenue loss (as reported), Blackberry dah tarik balik aplikasi BBM pada IOS dan menangguhkan pelancaran rasmi untuk Android. Kalau tidak silap gara-gara aplikasi cetak rompak. Sebab untung jatuh merundum. I taklah guna BB, but.. Lawak kasar la tu since it's true that Nokia and Motorola were once bought by bigger company (due to financial problem). Sony merged (or bought?) by Ericsson (however sekarang Sony dah jadi dependent company). So of course that three gay-guy up there goes like we-all-know-that-feel. See? But it's not actually about this. It's about this.

At the comment section.
Harhar. Ada grammar inspector there. Joyce Bueno. You made my day XD

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