Dissappeared into life.

Monday, September 02, 2013

This blog is currently in private viewing but I'LL JUST BLOG ANYWAY. Hidup amat gila (direct to the point). Sampai tahap ini, masih tercari-cari. Masih tertanya-tanya. Kisah hidup ini sememangnya sudah sinonim dengan duri dan liku. I am so used to sadness that I might not be able to differentiate things. I am helpless. My gut is sinking. I need to force myself to get back to blog, it’s the only way to relieve some of this life anxiety – to just write.

I have actually revealed my private posts during this reconstructing. It was when I was on my early 20. Its all now gathered in this blog. Since 2006. Wow that feels like a long time ago.. 7 years have passed since the first time I blog. Now I'm in my late 20. OMG stress. What do I do? We're all aging. I look back and thought I haven't really done anything significant with my life so far. And there's a greed, perhaps a hunger, to improve myself in any aspects that I can. Because none of these gave me the feeling of thrill and excitement. I feel empty. In all sense of the word.

Owell. I have no point when starting this post anyway.

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