Dissappeared into life.

September 02, 2013

This blog is currently in private viewing but I'LL JUST BLOG ANYWAY. Hidup amat gila (direct to the point). Sampai tahap ini, masih tercari-cari. Masih tertanya-tanya. Kisah hidup ini sememangnya sudah sinonim dengan duri dan liku. I am so used to sadness that I might not be able to differentiate things. I am helpless. My gut is sinking. I need to force myself to get back to blog, it’s the only way to relieve some of this life anxiety – to just write.

I have actually revealed my private posts during this reconstructing. It was when I was on my early 20. Its all now gathered in this blog. Since 2006. Wow that feels like a long time ago.. 7 years have passed since the first time I blog. Now I'm in my late 20. OMG stress. What do I do? We're all aging. I look back and thought I haven't really done anything significant with my life so far. And there's a greed, perhaps a hunger, to improve myself in any aspects that I can. Because none of these gave me the feeling of thrill and excitement. I feel empty. In all sense of the word.

Owell. I have no point when starting this post anyway.

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