Already old at heart.

September 09, 2013

You are old when you :
  1. you’re happy shopping alone because you don’t waste time.
  2. all the famous pop stars and actors are now younger than you.
  3. you feel scared or annoyed around rowdy teenagers.
  4. people start asking their kids to call you “auntie”. You kick up a fuss and they say “oh ok kakak then” but look at you disgusted.
  5. you can’t get to sleep much past 11am anymore on weekends because you’re too used to waking up early for work.
  6. you start preferring vegetables to fried chicken.
  7. you’re too tired to do anything on Friday night except watch a DVD or read to sleep.
  8. you stop wearing earrings.
  9. you don’t know 70% of the bands on now.
  10. you realize you’ve stopped worrying about whether you look cool for some time now.
  11. you don’t mind eating alone.
  12. you wondered how it would feel like of having gold ring on your finger.
  13. you're serious at getting married and your parents have no objection about that
  14. you never liked children, and now you're dreaming to have one
  15. you get annoyed easily, especially with the youngsters XD
  16. you go out with less friends

I'm positively have an OLD decease. WHATEVER! EMBRACE ALL THE AGE! XD

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