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Well after 5 months. Helo blogging Sophie!
Saturday, August 03, 2013 posted at 20:53 ♥

 سْــــــــــــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Hi it's me (well of course it's me, who else). So much things happened during the hiatus. 5 months! I think this is the longest hiatus since the day I started off writing in blog! Haha. Bongok tu pun nak excited. Catching up things is the most utter reason. Been off from work since early ramadhan, but off betul-betul less than a week ago. Tu pun dua hari lepas teman bos site visiting. Best sangat cuti bila kita tau kita kerja nights and days. Kerja 24/7. Controlling the burden here and there. Macam sibuk tapi taklah sangat *;)*

Today I did the laundry. Hari-hari buat laundry + kemas + kemas + kemas. Tengok kemas tu sampai 3 kali sebab sentiasa mengemas. Husband pun if saya cakap 'saya mengemas dulu' sampai tanya, tidak habis-habis kemas? Begitulah. Entahlah, something is always on my mind. Tidak boleh duduk diam. The least thing I will do when I'm bored is ; grab a book and read. What I won't do when I'm bored, is sleep. Except when I'm bored + sad.

And when I'm sad (and there's an internet connection + lappy), maybe blogging is one of those therapy that would actually cheer me up.


Okey better get going. This is just a warming up before starts the real blogging. Well after 5 months. Hello sophiesm.com!

Until time permits.


Blogger chil&zam said...

hi sophie !! jom kite warm up balik berblog...i pon bru je update since bln 4 ari tu stop sbb bz kerje kawen..almost 5moths jugak..same laaa...kihkihhh :)

i hope u sihat2 aja ya....

29 August, 2013 23:35  

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