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Update 28/2/2013
Thursday, February 28, 2013 posted at 13:53 ♥

I took one day off yesterday just to get the laundry done. And cleaning up all the mess in my old old room, now jadi stor dah pun. Tempat simpan my harta karun. Buku-buku rujukan from my childhood pun masih ada lagi. Am thinking about selling them as no one in the house will be using them. Kalau ada pun, my future children (amin..) but by the time they grew up, those books might be out of the syllabus. Haha.. Well I'll figure out what to do. Besides, I have cousins and adik ipar (since recently :P) who might need them.

Selepas nikah pada 10 Februari lepas (alhamdulillah), hari keempat saya tinggal di rumah mentua untuk persiapan majlis sebelah sana pula (16 Februari). Seriously, we might not need honeymoon, sebab di Kundasang sudah cukup cukup cukup sejuk, I can't even touch the water to bath. Naib baik ada heater but it didn't help much. Sebab habis showering, sejuk tu menyengat balik dari semua arah. Stokin rasa macam tidak cukup. Barbeque hari tu dekat luar, keluar segala wap-wap dari mulut bila bercakap. Excited + jakun. Real honeymoon? We are both busy with work, plus, recover kecederaan dari segi kewangan haha... Honeymoon maybe can wait. We still have plenty of time together, many plans ahead yeay.. Insya-Allah.

Okey need to go. :)


Blogger Coffee Girl said...

Honeymoon local dulu, lepas tu honeymoon jauh-jauh. :-) Tunggu zero fare kan ada.

28 February, 2013 17:24  
Blogger AuraFIza said...

Kalau ada plan datang semenanjung, please let mo know!

Ehh best tak kawin? HAHA..

28 February, 2013 19:21  
Blogger cikpia said...

same goes here.... tak sempat lagi nak horny-hornymoon...... bz kerja..... dah la sorang kat jb sorang kat perak.....

01 March, 2013 09:37  

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