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Actually, I..
Tuesday, January 08, 2013 posted at 17:20 ♥

The thinking of getting married, walking through the red carpet, and all - really makes me excited. The thinking of getting through the solemnization - macam ada rasa sayu, syukur.. aduhai.. Baru fikir. Macamana kalau sedang melalui? All these makes my heart beats faster..

But, the thinking about all preparation, it's fun, but exhausted la juga sikit. Handling the vendors (yeke.. maybe vendors yang lagi penat layan I, I saja yang tak sedar hahaha). Maybe I think I could handle it. I really think I am. But maybe, that's too much of me.. Me and my little palm.

I miss writing. Suddenly, damnly, so badly. Too busy la with other things. Dulu ingatkan, tiada yang mampu membuatkan I terlalu busy sampai blog tak update. Tapi nampaknya, kali ini sangkaan amatlah meleset. I betrayed my own baby..

Saya baru okey sepenuhnya dari demam. Saki baki cuma tinggal selesema dan batuk. Demam-demam pun hari tu I still kerja okey. Nasib baik bukan jenis demam yang buat orang sakit terlantar. Perubahan cuaca. Sekarang musim winter kan (gedik). I am tired actually. But keep going, keep going, my dear bride-to-be. Haha. :)

Okey bye. Pray for me that next time I would write longer than this.


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