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Wordless Friday
Friday, September 28, 2012 posted at 15:58 ♥

I just wonder. In fact, i always wonder about almost every little things in my daily life. Not to mention the big things. i always have lots of thoughts inside my mind but let's just cut that out. You don't really want to know. Haha.

Pagi tadi sebelum berangkat ke Kirasa. I wonder how the stones got up there (on that rotan tea table at the outside) with one of my cats climbed on it and stares at it like she's going to eat it. Nobody in my family would put the stones there without any purpose. But nevermind. So much for a wordless friday haha.. Ingatkan bila tulis blog guna hanset ni, kurang sikit idea, tapi nampaknya lagi banyak datang. Like, an elevator thoughts. Remember?? Haha. I better stop now.


Blogger fara said...

Xkan kucing tu yg bawak batu2 kot kan?
Huhu :P

12 October, 2012 15:16  

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