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Random thoughts : 24 september 2012
Monday, September 24, 2012 posted at 22:08 ♥

Salam. Hi, assalamualaikum. Laptop rosak ha ha sebab tertumpah air ha ha so sekarang tgh tunggu kesempatan utk hantar laptop ke kedai, which might take some another weeks..? Macam parah sangat kan. Been almost a week rasanya laptop rosak. Meanwhile, i've finished my reading on 'i've got your number' by sophie kinsella. Beli since awal tahun lagi, waktu first masuk di pasaran Malaysia tapi baru sekarang betul2 start baca. Took me 3 days to finish it. Planning on buying novel dari movie 'the hunger games'.

Nampaknya buat masa ni, if update pun, more to daily life. Nak muntah buat review dah. Hahaha. Tapi bukan bermakna saya berhenti separuh jalan, just rehat kejap since sekarang pun update taip di handset. Such a turning off.

Persiapan kahwin kami dah start sikit, bermula dgn briefing dgn family sendiri, lepas tu family Sam (wow sam? SAM?). And then kursus kahwin.

Bila dah jadi tunang ni, rasa macam lebih best sikit banding waktu pra-tunang (tempoh risik) sbb kalau orang lain waktu tunang time darah manis dan dugaan byk, for me, dugaan kurang sikit after dah tunang. Sebelum risik, serious kami jarang sgt gaduh. Rasanya hampir tdk pernah. After risik, sepanjang tempoh tu.. lbh2 lagi time dkt2 hari pertunangan. Asyik gaduh. Sekarang pun iya. Cuma gaduh sekarang gaduh ala-ala macam siblings. One minuter bertekak macam samseng, and next bila ada kerja terus lupa sebab kami satu tempat kerja. Gaduh pun tidak dapat lama2 sebab byk kerja perlu diselesaikan sama-sama. Just, when it comes at being ridiculous, count us in. Selalu!

Baru2 ni i had a fight with one of the workers. Bertekak lidah. For so much reasons. I know i should not comfront him like that, but sudahla tidak sihat, belum makan dari pagi, period pulak tu. Pastu kena suruh cakap tentang hal tu time meeting. Bad timing, really. Heh. And for that day, i was really satisfied for what i've said right to his face. I wish i had that chance to do the same thing to that damn zul. U know. Just spill all the things on my mind towards him. About what i think about those things he'd done to my life. But i am still well aware now that it was all had passed and i have no regret for what happened. In fact, i am blessed!

Ok, too much now for this random post. See you all later. :)


Blogger fara said...

Ni latest book from Sophie Kinsella kan?
Bole tambh dlm list to read mase pantang nnti :)

Its better u speak out klo xpuas ati dgn preparation for ur wedding dr simpan dlm ati je.
After all, it is ur once in a lifetime event kan.
mesti nak everything perfect!

25 September, 2012 08:56  

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