1,2,3 RAGE!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My first post on April. Hello April. Haha. Gila 1st week dah lepas baru ada entri baru. Tapi pemandangan biasalah untuk yang sudah berhenti dari menjadi blogger sepenuh masa XD

Balik-balik buka new-post kononnya nak menaip entri baru. Cukup satu ayat, kata-kata termati setakat situ saja. Penghujung, jadi draft sampai ke sudah. JUGA pemandangan biasa bagi yang suda berhenti dari menjadi blogger sepenuh masa.

I don't know if my friends still read this crappy blog. I have nothing much to share nowadays. Rindu juga waktu zaman rajin update blog. I'd never run out of vocabularies. That time I have so much new thing, everyday. Mungkin sebab I don't mind sharing them with the whole world before. My current life sekarang still banyak yang boleh diceritakan sebenarnya cuma nothing really fun to talk about. Bangun awal pagi, balik lewat petang. Balik saja dah penat-penat maka tidur. Not a very interesting life but no worries, I laugh everyday to things I could laugh at. And just because my life might not be 'that' interesting, doesn't mean I would make others life difficult as mine. Yeah, I've lost my privacy in blogging. I've lost the willingness to share most of the things in my life. Haih.

And that's it. Nothing much.

I have a lot MORE thing to rage about actually. Watch out. I am really in my temporary hallucination.


  1. hey sis! hehe.. pls doin fine there ya.. anyting that are meant to be kept confidential, nevermind, just let it be.. have a good day sis ^__^


Thanks for simply being here! *love*