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Welcome back, hectic life!
Saturday, March 31, 2012 posted at 13:35 ♥

No! We haven't OFFICIALLY engaged yet. But I paksa my online friends to believe I've already got engaged dengan letak status dekat Facebook 'engaged' cuz we are KIND OF engaged. Both family have agreed, plus, we are actually planning on our engagement. Tapi belum betul-betul lagi sebab lamaaaaa lagi. Dan kami masing-masing masih sibuk dengan our own life. Settle up and then bulan 5-6 baru mula untuk plan the real engagement so buat masa ni just biarkan saja dulu saya berangan-angan tentang majlis saya dalam blog ni. :P

And for some reason, I won't explain this on Facebook. Like I really need to explain buahahah!

I'm busy being a jurulatih kepada murid-murid di SRJK(C) Pai Wen untuk pertandingan tarian etnik by April. And esok pula (1 April 2012) kenduri perasmian Kirasa Cafe & Catering di premis Kirasa juga. Lepas tu Kirasa akan mula beroperasi. Yang duduk area Ranau dijemput datang *wink* 




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