Idea : Solemnization and Reception Dress. Gorgeous, yes?

March 27, 2012

LOOK AT THE DRESSES. *bossy mood*

Grace Kelly was an American actress who, in April 1956, married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, to become Princess consort of Monaco. She died after suffering a stroke on September 14, 1982, when she lost control of her automobile and crashed. Her daughter, Princess Stéphanie, was in the car with her, and survived the accident.  SUMBER

Hati dah 70% untuk dress dalam gambar atas ini.

Lisa Surihani is a Malaysian actress who, in February 2012, married Yusry KRU. - Googled

I've consulted with some few designers online and read articles about the best wedding dress for a petite ...... like me zzzzzzz. Konon tertarik dengan cutting skirt ala-ala mermaid but as I want to make my body look the best that it can on my solemnization and wedding day, so I opt to either sheath or A-line cuts. And by that, welcome to the land of tall!

Gambar atas ni saja satu-satunya gambar Lisa Surihani yang jelas dan dalam pakaian pengantin penuh - yang saya jumpa. Let alone Yusry. I only adore her dress cuma kenapa Lisa setuju pakai off shoulder macam tu, hmm.

This is me modelling a wedding dress *dream much huh?*

Back view. Mau nanges tengok.

I found this on google and saved it in my wedding dress folder (yes i do have folders for my wedding preparations ideas especially to save the googled pictures). Look at the bride's dress, look!

It must be chiffon with lace on the top covering her arms and shoulder. I love this. Except part sexy tu tapi no hal, just buat lining with chiffon, selesai masalah kan. Tak perlu sarat sangat dengan *******, and no need too much ******. Suka dengan idea untuk wrap the whole waist macam baju ** tapi ribbon dekat waist tu saya tak minatlah. Neck line pula saya suka potongan *****. Yang lain, just perfect. What, can't imagine a? Don't have to, I don't want you to have the picture, you'll spoil the surprise ngehehe.

I showed mother these designs and told her macamana yang saya nak and the first thing she said was "mana boleh buat begitu, nampak kulit" merujuk dekat their shoulder. I was all like 'ee.. memanglah, takkan pakai macam tu. nanti pakai lining juga.' And the waist ribbon (last picture) I don't want. But overall, I think she approved it! Cuma mother tidak tahu lagi I would only having two dresses. Only one for solemnization (sekali dengan sanding petang) and one for reception (night). This entry covers both. BOTH. Kalau lebih pun tidak apa, actually kami ada beberapa pasang baju lace yang cantik untuk pengantin, but I don't wanna use those X]

Tunang? Kebaya jew. Saya ada cuba cari dekat google something yang DEKAT dengan apa yang saya mahu dan bayangkan, tapi saya cuma ada jumpa satu saja :

You can never go wrong with white

Okey I'm hungryyyyyyyy.

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  1. waah. i guess u'r nearing ur big day sis.. hehe ^^

    btw, we are of the same interest here.. im loving these kind of dress too. lace and lace.. my mother also used something similar to all these design last time during her wedding and i love to have sth like her too.. hehe.. and your dress must be awesome. i can imagine it, plus the mermaid-like dress... looking forward to it! ^^

  2. millerJ,
    kan? btw i paling suka gmbr 2nd and 4th tu ;)