One year to be officially taken.

January 27, 2012

I really want to share this good news to you guys out there. Just.... Nak publish entri ni pun ambil masa berhari-hari. Nak publish ke tidak. Publish ke tidak. Serba salah. Remember the last time saya bercerita banyak-banyak tentang kisah cinta saya? That is why. Maybe some of you realize what it did to me once it ends. Since April 2011, I turned to be the most angry woman on earth. I easily get angry at almost everything. Ah ya ya you don't know about that...

Angry at the outside, but inside full of love.


So far from where we've started, but ya, saya telah disunting. Alhamdulillah, I have that cincin tanda on my jari manis now. And after this, one year to be officially taken. Damn. I guess I started feeling nervous. Err..

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  1. Oh Fina Im so happy for you! Tahniah! Thats yer cake? sweeeeettt!! After reading abt ur kisah cinta last time, as you put it, im glad some guy finally come to his senses and ask u already! aku pulak excited dah... hehe. Anyway, tahniah! ada jemput org Kuching tak?

  2. pompuan garang dah nak kawen!!!!!!! he he.....

    congratulations sist!! am sooooooooooooo happy for u (jeles sikit2- aku lagi tua pun lum betunang!)he he.... apapun, may god bless both of u. muah muah!!!!

  3. Coffee Girl,
    ya that's the cake.. ada tulisan will you marry me dkt atas tu. haha.. past is past. apa yg jd smua ada hkmah. :)

    jemput bah! haha.. around 1 thn lagi rasanya. or less. insya-Allah. hehe

  4. cikpia,
    prmpuan garang kata, jgn nak jeles2 sgt. cikpia pun sdg dlm plan kannn.. hehe.. thanks so much dear. you too! muah!