January 20, 2012

Don't read my blog when you are not mentally prepared. Saya tidak akan bertanggungjawab dan melayan sebarang kekacauan jiwa dan minda yang more likely akan berlaku once dah habis baca. Saya memang puji akan orang-orang yang sering berkunjung ke blog ni tiap kali saya publish entri baru - terutama bila saya dalam mood raging. Nasihat saya, nak baca blog saya, nak baca status Facebook saya, kalau mental tak kuat, jangan baca nanti menyesal. Read all of my ramblings at your own risk.

My blog is my second life. Read this. Second life. My first life is the world I am in now. The crazily unexpected world, the fresh air I breathe, the water, the laughter, the annoying siblings, everyday have to pick Dana home from tuition, help mother with her business, my kittens live upstairs selalu lepak-lepak my room so balik kerja saja terus snuggle-snuggle with them haha so cute, continued my study, my preparation for a new life, and temporarily off dari manage Tari Kirana dan banyak lagi - did you know all that? No you don't. First life saya walaupun berkait dengan yang second, but in whole, these two lifes are different. Very different. So don't simply judge me just after you read my blog, it wouldn't be fair enough.

My blog is where I rant and rave about things that annoys me, that affects me, that saddens me, and things that angers me. I can burst out, typed cynically, rants and raves about everything, publish it, and I'd forgot whatever I'd typed. WEIRD MUCH?

As I am staring at the laptop screen, typing these very alphabets, I know what I feel and I know what caused me to feel what I feel now but the question is, should I actually say everything I've said before or after? Maybe, I shouldn't. Maybe I should keep quiet. They say, some things better be left unsaid. But mind you, what I've wrote has always brought me closer and clearer to the truth of finding myself, my real feelings, what I want and who I want in my life. I am a very understanding person walaupun sometimes I CHOOSE not to because some people just don't deserve my understanding. But in my blog, I want to be able to say things I might fail to say in real life.

The thing is, you don't have to die for anyone's approval. Don't pretend to fancy things or people you don't really fancy. Or you'll die at hypocrisy. Highlight this.

So be it.

Ops jangan maraa..

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  1. Well I think you're sweet. Even when you're angry, you still tend to be polite about it. :-) so cheer up Fina Sophie.

    cuma satu je... i susah nak baca entry pasal yg entry part selalu view kena block oleh advert. :-)

  2. Coffee Girl,
    sorry about the advert. sy view okey je but mybe dkt komputer org lain dia ambil ruang lbh byk hehe. dah buang dah. thanks sbb bgtau okey. and thanks sbb ckp sy sweet. hahaha :D