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Opened an online pre-loved shop.
Thursday, August 18, 2011 posted at 00:04 ♥

Skirts and dresses

I always have the thought of clearing my belongings especially whenever I have some new additions to my wardrobe. Always. Haha. Some of them I had not worn for years, or worse, never worn (- -") I love them - - - - ah wait.

Read love as want. Love - Want - Love - Want. Confusion.

I might love or want them but I might not miss them or need them to be part of my life. Getting sick, too. Just ada dalam closet saja jadi perhiasan. Cute as it is, but what a waste. Grown older (but still young, mind you hehe) I've came to this phase of knowing what I really want in my life, what I need and what I have to let go. I MEAN, for MY CERTAIN CLOTHING. It is better to give them away to my friends, in such bargain. From RM5 until RM25, surely that is better than hoarding them for years. Perhaps I can trust their new owner to take care of the stuff well more than I do.

Yes, for pre-loved lover (macam saya), I've opened an online pre-loved shop, price range RM5-RM25 for skirts, dresses, jackets, cardigans, kebayas, kurungs, and coming clothing and item such as hats, heels, jeans and bottom, t-shirts, and even 2nd hand original and complete set of Sony PSP - for different price laa.. Bagus lagi pengsanlah kalau jual RM25 for a PSP. HAHA. Okey. Items akan bertambah dari masa ke semasa. So kalau rasa-rasa nak tengok-tengok manatau ada yang minat ka, or just nak tahu apa yang ada dalam wardrobe saya selama ni, go here : Fina Sophie Preloved Shop. By the way, barang-barang dalam tu barang saya, unless stated. Ada baju my sister jugak, and coming soon my other relative's clothes. For XL-XXL sized people.

I do believe we will always get more rezeki from The Almighty if we are willing to give more. Give with an open heart and give frequently.. :)



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