The moment when you can actually feel the pain in your chest from hearing something or seeing something that breaks your heart.

August 19, 2011

Saw a picture of 'them'. And another picture - one by one. Lot's of it, rupanya. And that's it. I had enough for today. Niat untuk berjaga saja malam ni sementara tunggu masa untuk masak untuk sahur terbantut macam tu saja. All I really want to do now is to left my desk, to switch off the lamp, lepas tu mungkin meraba-raba cari katil sendiri tapi tak jumpa, lepas tu switch on balik lampu to actually locate the katil, and switch it off again, and baring peluk teddy bear to actually feel safe again, listening to my heart aching.

This is just me, I supposed.. Good night. Sweet dreams. Let's forgive and forget.

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  1. babe, i dun what's up with u. but, be strong. u cantik, move on.

  2. Fina, I feel you. perhaps somehow because ive been there. :-) You hang on ok. like LaLaLovy said, you cantik, move on. but then, it's easier said than done. praying for you.

    btw, in such a short entry and in a few paragraphs, you captured the scene of your ache so deeply and clearly. Ironic, but it's really nice.

  3. LaLaLovy,
    dear sorry for the late reply!

    yes, i am moving on now. thanks sangat2 for reminding, sometimes i do forgot :D

  4. Coffee Girl,
    u've experienced the same thing?

    it was just me being dramatic sometimes, but somehow it's real. i just put it into words.

    always the best commenter :)

  5. Remy,
    lebihkurangla. couldnt help. haha....... everyone do stalk!