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Glamorous Pink Make-Up Bag
Friday, August 05, 2011 posted at 00:03 ♥

... bought online from Lieys Cosmetic. Agak-agak berapa saya boleh dapat komisen sebab hasilkan entri ni? Bhahah.

  • Crocodile skin design
  • Case includes four fold out trays with :
      • adjustable dividers
      • a deep center compartment
      • NEW STYLE ZIPPER closures, and a detachable holder
      • inclusive extra shoulder strap.
  • Trays can be take out, and transform to a deep bag.
  • High Quality Material - PVC
  • Fine workmanship

Remember THIS entry I posted out on last July? Received it on last Monday.

Warna lebih kurang macam ni. Cantik kan? Agree with me! :D

Model Mata Sepet kembali beraksi

By the way, that hat Dana, my sister, bought at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau on last July during Tari Kirana's vacation with KMS. Tari Kirana tidak perform waktu di sana sebenarnya, just stand by in case Tari Kirana is needed. I bought the same hat too, dark blue with black & white tiger printed ribbon. The one I'm wearing on my Facebook profile picture :D

That make-up bag is wonderful, I love it. Warna lebih pekat berbanding dekat gambar display dekat album Lieys Cosmetic. Simply loving it. The space is big, trays tu boleh buka. Boleh jadi beg spendar you HAHA gurau. For the bag, I'm giving 4.5 out of 5 star. For Lieys Cosmetic, overall 3.5 out of 5 star. Thanks Lieys Cosmetic.



Blogger Coffee Girl said...

Eii cantek!! U pakai pun cantek! Tak besar sangat ke? Boleh simpan berpaket-paket kopi tenom dalam tu. haha. cantek la, betul.

05 August, 2011 14:58  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

Coffee Girl,
besarlah juga, my adik cakap mcm turtle smbil kuis2 guna kaki. hampeh betul haha. 23x26x30 in CM. exactly mcm dlm picture. kaler lawa. skurang2nya make-up set sy tak berterabur d sana sini. susah nak cari. beg ni rasanya duduk dekat bilik ja, mybe x bw ke mana2 except if ada performance with Tari Kirana hehe :) tq!

05 August, 2011 19:19  
Blogger tiefazatie said...

sgt cantik la sis!hee

24 October, 2011 05:25  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

kan kan? lg2 kalo yg minat pink :P

24 February, 2012 10:35  

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