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Topic Two : 10 things she wants to say to one person
Tuesday, June 07, 2011 posted at 03:07 ♥

Topic one is in here. Ya betul. Saya buat secara random XD

Topic Two
10 things she wants to say to one person

They say, if you love a person, if you truly love them, no matter how bad they hurt you or how mad they make you... you'll always take them back. Tapi sayangnya aku sudah tiada keyakinan itu untuk membangunkan semula kepercayaan yang sebelum ini telah dipersiakan. Itu perkara pertama.

So I am sorry, love. You moved on long before me and it took so much of me to finally be alright again. Itu perkara kedua. I wasted 5 years grieving for the loss of my previous love, but this time, I won't make the same mistake again. Itu perkara ketiga. I need to move on fast - now I've found the strength, it's your turn to let me move on too. Itu perkara keempat. I'll be happy for you if you can be happy for me. Itu perkara kelima.

Thanks for those 3 most magical months you gave me. Itu perkara keenam. Terima kasih atas segala kebaikan sepanjang kita bersama. Itu perkara ketujuh. Terima kasih kerana pergi sebab I wouldn't know things I know now (or I have now) kalau kau tak meninggalkan saya. Itu perkara kelapan.

I would be much thankful kalau kau tidak cuba menghubungi atau mengingati saya lagi walau atas apa pun niat. Sekalipun niat baik. Don't be ridiculous. You're married. Anggap saja kita tidak pernah saling mengenali. Ingat status kau sebagai suami orang. Remember that day I told you I can't live without you and you replied me "Biasakan diri."? Now I'm telling you, yeah BIASAKAN DIRI.  Ini perkara kesembilan.


Terima kasih, because of you, now I've found those people who at least can make my heart whole again. Ini perkara kesepuluh.



Blogger Aimi dan Pakcik Hashim said...

dah hilanng biasalah br terkejar2 nak contact balik

07 June, 2011 07:57  
Blogger Coffee Girl said...

im so glad youve found the strength to let it all go and move on. Good girl! You can do it. Pretend it doesnt hurt, and you'll be ok.

07 June, 2011 16:20  
Blogger Arief Arf said...

thats really deep yo.
but the fact that you can muster all your strength to write this shows that you are on the right path of moving on!
good luck!

09 June, 2011 21:50  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

Aimi dan Pakcik Hashim,
what to do. takda apa lagi boleh dibuat *sigh*

10 June, 2011 14:19  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

Coffee Girl,
thanks so much darl.. u guys are one of my strength :)

10 July, 2011 05:19  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

Arief Arf,
thanks to you too arief, feeling better for myself hehe :)

10 July, 2011 05:23  

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