Sophiesm.Com : Disclaimer again.

May 20, 2011

Something keep on bugging me lately. Do you think I over-shared my stories in my blog?

I'm a life blogger. I blog about what happen in my life and about inspiring people around me. Hari ni mungkin ada tulisan saya yang telah mengguris hati sesiapa - we don't know. 

And before I gone any further in this blogosphere, I would like all the readers to know that ;

....... I'm harmless. I'd never intended to hurt others' feeling - but being a human, this is my humanity. I realize that I can be brutally honest - most of the time. My words might hurt you, but it's actually just a kind of my honest analysis and blunt perspective. Very straightforward - because this is who I am. And if it do get you unhappy, I am truly sorry. I'm not going to say "ini blog saya, suka hati sayalah saya nak tulis apa" because that's plain ........... err, well it's not really a good excuse to make something seem reasonable - yes?

My blog is an open-book diary - in this case, open-blog diary. I've blogged since 2006 and the reason why am I still here is, I started this for myself and up to this moment, I am still blogging because of the same reason. For myself. Not for anyone. Not to please anyone.

Not to hurt anyone, either.

But if I am wrong, criticisms and reproaches are fine. But try to remain kind and polite - and not to be an asshole.

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  1. secara peribadi, wani suka isi penulisan macam fina ni. jujur dalam setiap kata. (kdg2 fina adalah inspirasi wani dalam menaip sbb ayat2 fina pakai dalam blog memang best)

    wani tak rasa pelik pun kalau setiap entri fina, fina bercerita detail apa yg fina buat setiap hari, apa yg fina rasa dlm hati tu. sebab wani follow blog fina sejak dr wani stdy/berblogging awal dulu lagi. so, siapa yg dh lama follow fina, sure dah tahu fina macam mana. hehe :B

  2. you should be happy for all the criticisms. that means people do read your blog, and they do actually give a shit about it. its just that they cant deal with it.
    so, be happy and continue writing.
    im trying my best to be politely honest here. hahaha