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Wednesday, May 18, 2011 posted at 22:22 ♥

People freak me out. They move too fast, they speak too loud, and they are just plain unpredictable. One minute they’re there, then next they’re not. One day they love you and the next they want to beat the life out of you and suddenly they appear wanting you back. The demands, the insincerity, the selfishness, the greediness.

I wrote this entry on 15th April (Sunday), the same day I wrote THIS ENTRY. Ini kesinambungan entri yang tu sebenarnya. Tapi tak boleh nak tayang dekat public lah. Kalau mahu password, saya boleh bagi. PM me HERE. Yang penting simpan rahsia.


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Blogger AuraFIza said...

Aduh. Beratnya apa yang kau rasa sekarang, Fina!! Aku kalau membaca, aku suka imagine apa yg ada dalam cerita tu. Jadi, bila aku baca cerita ko, i was like... Damn! Rasa macam berat sangat. Sebab melibatkan perasaan kan. Hurm.Apa pun, u have to be strong, dear. Think before you act. And I wish, I can see Smiling on you face. Happiness is yours. Fikir mana yang terbaik ye.

19 May, 2011 11:37  
Blogger Arief Arf said...

looks like i missed something here.
nak jugak baca! X)

19 May, 2011 14:37  
Blogger DeAnAiNi said...

banyakkan b'sabar fina..ade hikmah semuanya nih.. Allah sentiasa memberi ganjaran pada hambanya yang byk b'sabar..mungkin bkn skang tapi ganjaran ttp ada..insyaAllah

23 May, 2011 14:12  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

thanks fiza. sorry lmbt bls, now sy certain dgn apa yg sy mau buat, bru dpt bls. thanks so much. ada hikmah smua ni.. :)

20 June, 2011 09:14  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

Arief Arf,
arief, i thought u r just interested with that dancers? :P

20 June, 2011 09:31  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

mcm tu la ayu. Allah have plans for us.. :)

20 June, 2011 10:03  

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