If it could lead me to a whole new living..

May 11, 2011

Dengan kain baju bergelimpangan atas katil, and papers, wires (chargers, earphone, cables), laptop bag etc, barang mekap here and there, papers .. you can't really tell this is actually a girl's room. Eh? Sometimes I unintentionally spent 30 minutes just to decide what to wear that day. Habis selongkar satu almari. (- -") So, at the second thought, maybe this actually only shows how girly the owner really is.  Get it get it? Okey you don't get it *confusing*

This would take nights to finish as I am rearranging EVERYTHING.  Cuma perabot saja lah tak tukar tempat. Katil, almari buku, almari pakaian, desk dan drawer masih di tempat yang sama. Yang lain, ubah kedudukan. Or masuk stor. I desperately will go anywhere or do anything to keep myself cheered up. To build a whole new perspective. To be a better Hasnie Falina I can be. Anything or anywhere - if it means I don't have to be alone. If it could lead me to a whole new living, I would change any minor things I could think about. This is one of it.

Plus, saya memang suka redecorate my personal space selang beberapa bulan. Once finished, I'll post some pictures of it... MAYBE. Not promising :D

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