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Tuesday, March 29, 2011 posted at 07:09 ♥

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Selain show Tari Kirana 26 Mac baru-baru ini, hari yang sama juga genap dua bulan kisah cinta kita bermula. Until now I still can't believe that I will end up liking you more than I thought I would. You gave me two most magical months I'd ever live.. It healed what has been hurt and feels like the fates' design has changed.

Thanks for bringing back the true happiness that once was mine.
On 28th of March, Happy 29th Birthday, Love :)
I Love You.



Blogger mr_mrs mikko said...

great!! 2 bulan suda kamu naaa..
cepatnyaaa masa blalu kaaaan..
eeeii, happy for u darl!

29 March, 2011 07:42  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

mr_mrs mikko,
betul tu wanie. cepat kan masa tu berlalu. sekelip mata, byk boleh berubah. apapun, thanks ya.. i am happy for myself too. hehehehe :P

29 March, 2011 13:18  

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