Love and forgiveness cannot be separated.

March 25, 2011

Baru selesai mandi. I know quite late dah ni for a morning shower bhahaha.

Tadi saya ada blogwalk dekat satu blog ni. My favourite blog, tiap kali ada update, mesti datang baca. A sweet lady, named Arianna. One of her latest entry, about her and her boyfriend - Things Get Cold.

Morning talk on the phone. And ended up with his quick hang up. What happen..

He might want to rush for work. Plus, I did the same thing to him last night. The most reason I can think of, right now.

Padan muka sendiri.

Well, things get cold around here too. For both of us. Bukan sebab sekarang ni tengah hujan, tapi sebab I feel like temporarily losing the warm feeling whenever I am with him. I know, I think about it too much and too far. Guess, things aren't really like I think. Nothing really changed. I still love him, and I know he feels the same way too. We are very sure about each other, cuma's been busy. But we can't be that selfish, right? Like I don't have my own life. And work might have been a burden for him. Kenapalah aku selalu nak tambah lagi burden dalam hidup dia.

Maybe, once things get more relaxing, I'll try to talk to him ...if time permits. Just some random talk.

I am not sick, but I am not feeling so well. Staying at home is the best I can think about of healing my current ache.

And yes, I cried not because I am mad at him, but because I miss him so much. I wonder if he know he's all I think about at night..

Oh, he's calling now. Later.

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