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Monday, January 17, 2011 posted at 19:04 ♥

Quite a bad day today. It's just me, I swear. Tapi sungguhlah pelik dan lawak bila fikir balik. Bayangkan seorang perempuan tengah duduk-duduk baca novel Sophie Kinsella. Come on. It's Sophie Kinsella's. I am supposed to laugh reading her book. No need for muka ketat. Tapi saya sebenarnya sedang fikir benda lain tapi mata tertancap dekat huruf-huruf dalam novel tu, padahal I don't even read. It's like staring at two blank pages of the novel. And hoping that I could really read, and laugh. And I do try hard. But my feeling was too miserable to even read.

I was texting with somebody that time. That's why. I feel bad. When you already feel bad about yourself, RULE NUMBER ONE AND ONLY, don't make other people make you feel worse. 4 pernyataan positif diperlukan untuk menghapuskan satu pernyataan negatif. Sebab itu ada pepatah mengatakan, jika kita tiada apa yang baik untuk diperkatakan tentang sesuatu, lebih baik jangan cakap apa-apa. Diam lebih baik. Nampak tak? We all do need pujian. Don't deny.

But unfortunately, people nowadays bab cari kesalahan ni, pakar saja.

Seriously, whatever.

Feeling much more better selepas perembesan air mata tadi hewhew. Sambung baca Twenties Girl dulu. Bye!



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