Met him!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A friend said last night.. that I should meet him. Tiredness can heal, but friendship can't heal, no? Saya dah taknak pergi dah tu, tapi cannot bear disappointing him.. Lepas tu kawan bagi ayat sedas ayat yang saya italic dekat atas tu, terus semangat nak pergi. I don't always find a friendship like I found in Armin. I am sure, disappointing him will always be the choice I wont make.

I just got back from Kota Kinabalu. Armin pun nampak saya penat sikit, tapi I am okey, kepenatan boleh recover. I slept all the way to KK and back to Ranau juga. HAHAH.

Yeap, so we both made it.

That's Armin's friend. Tangan tu tangan Armin. XD

Yours truly.

HAHAHA Min, jangan maraaa..

Later. Need my rest.


  1. Salam's been a long time since I last visited your blog.How's your life right now? Who's Armin actually? Hahahaha.Dasar lama tak jengah blog you.Direct je tanya kat sini.Take care dear =)

  2. Yay! akhirnye bjmpe gak
    wish ade gamba korg berdua.
    nak tgkkk. hehe ;P

    btw, gamba urs truly tu nmpk mcm dekat oversea je. cume teksi tu wat kantoi. huhu ;)

  3. [z@ck],
    Wassalam zack, ya been long haven't heard. i don't blogwalk much as i do before actually.. armin? he came up since recently. no worries, u don't miss any single important thing about him. haha. i'll talk about him later.. :)

  4. fara,
    jumpa jugak kan. i still cant believe myself. dia pun haha. i will post out our pictures later in blog hehe :P

    ya sekali imbas, mcm kot hahah. taxi malaysia. what to do XD


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