Jumpa ke tak jumpa..

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saya supposed ada di Kota Kinabalu dari 27hb lepas hingga 30hb (esok) tapi.. 

I have quite an important family gathering malam ini (29 Dis), and and, apa family akan cakap jika saya skip this gathering just to meet him? Come on @_@ They will not let me HA-HA. Saya serba salah sebab saya belum lagi bagitahu Armin. Cuz I am still eyeing at any possible chance to meet him. No matter how slight it is.. I just don't want to disappoint him. Please. That's probably the last choice I might want to make in this whole world.

This is tiring. Dalam 10 minit lagi, saya dan family ke rumah cousin untuk hadiri gathering. Dan thinking about nak datang balik ke KK esok. Dan kalau tak sempat, kena bermalam di Kota Kinabalu. Sure I am a survivor. Mana-mana pun boleh pergi. Tapi, can I bring Dana along? Bosanlah sorang-sorang. Love travel alone. Adventure je rasa. But, being alone is sometimes ... .

Fill in the blank.

Itupun if ...

Or maybe I just have to tell him? OMG come on Fina, you have only like 10 hours to make your decision T___T


  1. Just tell him fina.
    mane tau die ade alternatif laen utk korg jmpe :)

  2. fara,
    mentioning the last time he turned me down when he canceled our meeting??? yesss obviously he will always have.. :P


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