I need a man, not a boy who runs and hide.

December 25, 2010

For YOU.

Before I met YOU, feels like there's nothing more important to figure out. Then, KAMU datang. Since recently. Out of nowhere. I don't know this is coming. I don't know I will come to this point realizing that...
  1. Shouldn't gave almost everything I have to a boy who always changing his mind..
  2. I should dream big, no matter what kind of loser I am back then..
  3. I should not stop fighting for my dreams..
  4. I shouldn't let people decide of how my life should be. I know I failed handling it once, but if I don't do this, I will be a complete loser.. 
Of course sebelum ni saya selalu cakap I want this kind of guy, bla bla bla. Gentleman. Affectionate. Bright and smart. Knows about religion more than I am. Chinese looking. Loving. Speaks English - in english accent XD Err, have I? Ada ke saya cakap eyh? Well. But, honestly. Are YOU for real? I didn't know a man like YOU even exist! Cuz somehow I admit a guy like YOU is actually not more than just a dream.. Not that 'speaks in english accent' okey HAHAHA I was just joking. I mean, yang the rest. Paling utama, the one who is also amazed by me :P

Whatever it is, it's too late now, actually. I don't even know sampai bila friendship ni boleh bertahan. So. Tell me if ada lagi yang macam ni. Nanti I pergi ngorat. Buat pertama kali, but what the hell.

BECAUSE, YOU have made me believing that I deserve all the good things in life...

Okey bye. Mengantuk.

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  1. wani suka tajuk tu fina. grrr. knapa harus 'dia' nak smbunyi kan diri? :(

  2. I just watched 'Letters to Juliet'.
    It says, with love. nothing is too late!

    Klo tak tgk lg, pegi tgk cpt.
    U will be totally inspired :)

  3. wanie,
    it's a song lyric actually haha. siapakah 'dia'? hehe :)

  4. fara,
    as much as it inspired u, isn't it? ;) :P