Speaking in silence.

November 28, 2010


orang kata tak baik mengeluh but i still wanna say.. haihhh.. 

not sad, i'm happy with my life now. cuma ada certain part, rasa macam nak mengeluh kalau tiba-tiba teringat. i don't know life could turn out so fast, i don't know hearts could change overnight. okey well actually I KNOW but i still wanna say that i don't know. it's not like i'd never experienced these sort of things, but the last times are always different. we will come up with new experience every time. we will never knew it is coming. so let me.

there's some part in life that no matter how far we've ran away, no matter where life takes us, .. where, at the end of the day, we'll realize that the life we have had before is what we have always wanted. sometimes people will managed to have that second chance, sometimes people just don't.

and after this, i won't ask. i won't say. let everything lies in silent. it's been weird since you're not around anymore, but i'm okey.

let's just smile and say goodbye.

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  1. take cre sis!u can do it rite..live happily sis!hee..=)

  2. tiefazatie,
    yeah i can do it! haha.. can't do pun just do it ja hahahaha :P