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November 08, 2010

i wish i could run away
find some little uninhabited island
and just spend time there
day and night for the rest of my live..
i know that's crazy
but sometimes the pressure
and responsibilities of daily life
leave me so little time and energy
for spending time for my own self and all the ones i love
and in my mind,
that's the most important thing of all
i love them all so much
i don't want them to think for a moment
that they're not my first priority
because no matter where i am
or what i'm doing, in my heart,
i'm on that little island with them
loving them until the end of time.

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  1. yup. setuju.
    tempat untuk lari dari kesibukan duniawi.
    orang kate ade blog kurangkan tension dan sakit jantung.
    blog Q adalah alter ego Q.

  2. Q,
    yeap yeap! terapi. sy ada baca dekat buku, keeping a diary / or journal bleh kurangkan stress dan memanjangkan tempoh hayat. hihi. it's a fact! ada niche tu ;)

    alter ego? then i could say that u put ur whole heart writing ur blog rite.. ;)

  3. nice blog fina.. yeap.. blog adalah salah satu tempat yang boleh kata free (selain bayaran internet) untuk mereleasekan minda.. hehehe

  4. sometimes we just need to run away from the daily grind to release and relax huh.
    time for a holiday?