Pernikahan Ain : Part 2

October 11, 2010

Entri bergambar, kesinambungan entri tanpa gambar Pernikahan Ain : Part 1.

17 September 2010

Terngiang-ngiang di telinga lagu Truly by Lionel Richie ♥

Seluruh keluarga Ain, dan ahli baru ;) Lepas ni tunggu Iha pula (baju kuning tudung hitam)
Ehh. Ter-stress pula tiba-tiba dekat caption yang terakhir. Tunggu giliran Iha ye Fina? Kau tu sebaya dengan Iha (- -")

Anyway, selamat menempuhi hidup baru Ain! :)

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  1. Hye fina, is sophie yr real name too? if so, i love yr name!!! :D

    i got yr link from my blog. thanks for dropping by. checked out yr entries esp on beauty. thanks for the beauty tips u provided ya! i baca sampai abis ok! hehe..

    i also saw an entry on mary kay perfume. are u one of the users? my aunty is one of the directors and shes going to bangkok. so shes letting go all of her stocks, like a clearance sales, all at 25%. perfume, skin care, everything! except for the brushes and compaq case, thats for 10%. so if ur interested or yr mom/friends are interested, lemme know k. i can arrange something for u. :)

    till then, keep up the creativity of this blog. lain dari yg i selalu nampak.. :)